Sharon Kelley

"I donate because four generations of my family have enjoyed Salem living for 70 years. Salem is a peaceful refuge that I want all families to be able to enjoy for years to come!"

Dennis Bond (Chairman)

"I do it for future generations. I've spent nearly every summer at camp since birth, I'm 70. I am the third-generation owner of my camp. My grandfather bought his first camp on Salem in 1938. I want others to be able to enjoy boating, swimming, water sports, and great memorable times with neighbors. The crystal-clear water, the fishing, and the wonderful smells and sights as I have over the years."


Tim Votapka

"I donate my time, my creativity and whatever dollars I can because the lake needs help. It is my responsibility. If not me, if not us, then who?"

Beckie Eakin

"I do it for my grandsons and their children. If we don't act now, not only will we lose our wonderful pleasure activities on Lake Salem (swimming, boating and fishing), but also the native vegetation and the wildlife it supports!"

Since 1984, the Salem Lakes Preservation Association has dedicated itself to the environmental health and wellbeing of the greater Salem Lakes area. We all now face our biggest challenge since our inception, Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM). Despite best efforts, EWM has now infested a substantial portion of our lake and it is spreading fast. EWM threatens Lake Salem’s water quality, our ability to boat, fish and swim. It even impacts our property values. We must now resort to a new plan to confront this invasive weed infestation with the most effective tactics available.

The association has submitted a five-year lake management plan to the State of Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. This plan includes using ProcellaCor, a state approved herbicide, to aid in managing the EWM threat in the lake. The Town of Derby Selectboard recently agreed to support our efforts this year with $75,000 in ARPA funds. While that grant money is a huge win in and of itself, it is only a part of the formula for success. In 2023 alone, projected costs for all control activities, ProcellaCor, hand harvesting, monitoring, etc., are close to $140,000. Annual costs through 2027 may be north or south of that amount. 

For this five-year lake management plan to succeed, we need full financial support from everyone around the lake.You are invited to join us in a capital campaign that will help fund our EWM management program. We are asking for four-year, annual donation pledges of either $500 (Gold), $400 (Silver) or $200 (Bronze).

Please commit to preserving Salem Lakes for your family and future generations! Indicate your pledge commitment on the pledge form (or make your arrangements via PayPal). Together we can do this!