Salem Lakes Preservation Association, Inc.



A quiet day on a summer afternoon. A place where you can forget about your emails for days at a time.

Where you can hear loons cry from one end of the lake to the other and the air smells sweet all day long.

Elevation: 963 Ft. Area: 788 Acres


Originally founded in 1984, the Salem Lakes Association is a volunteer organization that oversees environmental conservation efforts and activities affecting the greater Salem Lake area. Today the Salem Lakes Preservation Association, Inc. sponsors and directs the monitor/greeter program at the boat access.The foremost objective, of necessity, is the prevention and/or containment of Eurasian milfoil and other aquatic nuisances evolving because of the ever increasing number of lake invasions in Vermont according to the Agency of Natural Resources. The Invasive Species Prevention Program is paid for in part with the support from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. 

Ham & Cheese on Rye.

I am an old man sitting on a sagging dock,
fishing in the rain, with not a fish in miles:
it is a perfect night for fishing.

Droplets run down my glasses, blurring my vision,
but there's nothing to see beyond the circle of light
from the dock, anyway.

I know they're out there, lurking in the weeds,
hiding in shadows, waiting until hunger brings them out,
forcing them to react without thinking, making them
bite against their will.

Like them, I feel the gnaw of hunger working. Like them
I try to hold off, stay put, keep from being like all the rest.
But time wins out, wears down the will,
and I reach inside my coat for a ham and cheese on rye.

- Gary Busha

Few North American birds can evoke in us the wild, visceral, and pleasing sensation that comes in the company of a Common Loon. Loons are proof that birds need not be colorful to be beautiful. Floating in black and white on a northern pond, the Common Loon is one of our most iconic expressions of life in the north. Learn more about what the Vermont Center for Ecostudies is doing to support these birds.